Melissa McCarthy explains how she became Sean Spicer on 'SNL'

"I feel like my dad and Sean Spicer had a baby, and it’s me," she said.

ByABC News
March 24, 2017, 12:51 PM

— -- Melissa McCarthy caught everyone off guard when she first appeared as White House press secretary Sean Spicer on "Saturday Night Live" earlier this year.

Now the actress, 46, is explaining how the skit came together and why she thinks there's a resemblance between herself and Spicer.

"'SNL' called, and Kent Sublette — one of our old friends from the Groundlings, who is one of the head writers there now — called, and he goes, 'I hear you're in New York ... Do you have any interest in coming in and doing Spicer for us?'" she told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Friday. "I was like, 'What?!'"

McCarthy didn't understand how she would do that, but then, she joked, "Cut to somebody being like, 'Boy, you really look like that guy.'"

She said she thinks she looks like her father, who looks like Spicer.

"I feel like my dad and Sean Spicer had a baby, and it's me. Which makes it even stranger," she said.

She went into details about how they changed her look, messing with her ears, which, she said, "really changes the shape of your head."

"Then I got into it, 'cause I was like, 'Can I have eye bags?'" she added.

McCarthy's husband, fellow comedian Ben Falcone, who was also on DeGeneres' show, joked, "I guess I'm into Sean Spicer."