NBA Star Ray Allen Is Especially Heated After Home Break-In

Teens sneaked into Allen's home to check out his trophies and art.

ByABC News
August 20, 2014, 8:24 AM

— -- NBA star Ray Allen was angry enough that a group of teens had allegedly sneaked into his Florida home for a self-guided tour of his trophies and art. But the former Heat star called it “unsettling” after police declined to press charges against the suspected intruders.

Allen’s wife, Shannon Walker Allen, called 911 Thursday after waking up to find seven strangers in her bedroom.

“I was dead asleep, but I saw flashlights, and I heard voices, so I sat up in bed,” she said in the 911 call, released by authorities Tuesday.

“They were like as if they were on a tour, pointing out stuff: ‘Oh, wow, look at this picture. Oh, my God, look, he’s got a flat-screen TV.’”

Officers say the teenage suspects admit to letting themselves inside the home through an unlocked door out of “curiosity” Thursday, according to police reports obtained by ABC News.Once inside, the teens gave themselves the grand tour, admiring the two-time NBA champ’s art collection, even playing his piano.

Their adventure was cut short after they made it to the bedroom.

“I just sat up in bed and said, ‘What the f*** are you doing in my house?’” Shannon Walker Allen said in the 911 call.

Police tracked down the allegedly admitted intruders within hours, but prosecutors declined to file any charges against the group. The Allens criticized the lack of arrests in a statement to ABC News.

“The suggestion that anyone can unlawfully enter into someone’s locked home … in the middle of the night without consequences is unsettling,” the statement reads.

Major Raul Pedroso, the acting chief of Coral Gables Police, commiserates with the family.

“The people were identified, in the middle of the night, they were in our custody and we let them go,” Pedroso said. “That would be frustrating to me or anybody, but we were limited.”

After meeting with the Allen family, however, police and prosecutors said the teens will likely face “appropriate” charges soon, declining to elaborate.