Neil Patrick Harris' Hints About the Oscars

PHOTO: Neil Patrick Harris will host the 87th Oscars on Feb. 22, 2015. PlayBob D'Amico/ABC/Getty Images
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The Oscars aren't until Feb. 22, but host Neil Patrick Harris is already giving hints about what to expect.

Since before the nominations were announced, Harris has been active on Twitter, promoting the show and joking around with fans.

"Prepping for my #Oscar night party," he wrote on Jan. 28. "Anyone know a good onion dip recipe that services 3,000?"

However, Harris, 41, has also used the medium to give hints about what viewers can expect from the show.

"We are happy to announce that Kristen and Robert Lopez... have joined our creative fray," he wrote on Jan. 27. "What they're doing I'm not at liberty to say!"

For all of his updates since the night before the nominations were revealed, see below.