Pink Opens Up About Return to Music With 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' Song

The singer's new single is "Just Like Fire."

— -- Pink is back, lighting up the musical world again with her new single, “Just Like Fire,” which is featured in the upcoming fantasy film, “Alice Through the Looking Glass."

The song marks the end of a three-year hiatus for the 36-year-old singer. She revealed in an interview that aired today on “Good Morning America” that she spent at least part of her break from the performance world overseeing bake sales.

Pink, who said she is open to more children, including through adoption, said Willow is a tough critic at home when it comes to her mom’s music.

“She finds my singing distracting,” Pink said. “When she was 2, she was, ‘Shh, Mama, terrible voice."

Pink said of her own reaction to Willow, “First of all, who taught you the word ‘terrible?’ I’m like, ‘I had a No. 1 when you were in my belly!’”

Pink said she celebrates “uniqueness” with her husband and daughter, and it was the uniqueness in “Alice Through the Looking Glass” that drew her to the film.

“There are so many different kinds of bodies,” Pink said. “Look, my thing is if you have all four limbs and all five senses, you're doing a-OK and anybody that has an issue with that needs to find some gratitude.”