Princess Diana's Makeup Artist Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Mary Greenwell says Princess Diana had "amazing" skin.

“She realized her best features were her eyes,” makeup artist Mary Greenwell told ABC News’ Lama Hasan of the late Princess of Wales. “She had amazing bone structure and gorgeous skin.”

Greenwell first began working with Princess Diana in 1991, on a Vogue magazine photo shoot that is credited with helping the Royal establish her signature look.

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“She was so young she didn’t need to wear so much makeup,” Greenwell said. “She didn’t need a strong mouth. She wanted a nude mouth, a soft mouth."

“This is typical of what I would have used on Diana,” Greenwell said, pointing to a palette of soft and muted brown shades.

The princess, who died 17 years ago in a Paris car crash at the age of 36, had “amazing skin,” according to Greenwell, but had to use makeup because of the spotlight she was under.

“She was known for her great skin,” Greenwell said. “Because she was photographed all the time she had to put the foundation on, concealer, the eye shadow, the mascara and the whole kind of regime that would give you that polished look."

In addition to make-up, Princess Diana also had another beauty secret that made her stand out in the crowd: perfume.

“She always, always, always wore fragrance, which is a huge thing in a woman’s life,” said Greenwell, who just launched her own line of scents. “It’s kind of the final touch of beauty, walking out smelling divine and chic and individual.”

Born Lady Diana Spencer, Diana became the princess of Wales when she married Prince Charles in 1981. They had two children - Princes William and Harry - before they divorced in 1996.

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