Royal Baby's Astrology Sign: What Do the Stars Say?

Prince William and Kate's baby, due around mid-July, will likely be a Cancer.

July 2, 2013, 12:05 PM

July 2, 2013— -- Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby is already a star, but what do the stars have to say about the royal bundle of joy on board?

The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to give birth to the royal baby boy or girl in mid-July, sources have told ABC News, which means that the third in line to the throne will likely be a Cancer.

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Cancer, the fourth sun sign of the zodiac, includes those born between June 21 and July 22, notably the dad-to-be, Prince William, who just celebrated his 31st birthday on June 21.

Cancers are typically sentimental and sensitive souls, according to Susan Miller, astrologer and founder of the popular website, and often very nurturing, caring and creative.

"There's going to be a sentimental side to this baby, an artistic side. This child has high emotional intelligence," Miller said.

Those with Cancer birthdays tend to be most comfortable at home, have strong ties to family, and value routine and traditions.

"Home and family is everything to baby Cancers," Miller said. "Often Cancers grow up to work in the family business and I would say [a monarchy] is the ultimate family business."

Cancer, also the sign that ran through the Rockefeller family may mean the baby will be both financially prudent and wise when it comes to decision-making.

"Cancers always look for quality and long-term use for whatever they buy and when they invest they think long term," Miller said.

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Those are the sun sign basics. Also at play in the royal baby's astrological chart are the locations of other planets in the constellation at the time of birth.

Miller bets the baby will be born before the July 22 full moon and, ideally, on July 17, when a golden triangle involving Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune will be in the sky and reach its pinnacle.

"This cooperation of three important planets is as exceedingly harmonious as it is rare. We have not seen a perfect triangle like this in years, where each planet is precisely 120 degrees from one another," Miller said. "This golden triangle in the heavens will be at play through July, but will be within significant orb until approximately August 10. Kate has certainly chosen the best time in 2013 to have her child."

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Also around the time of Middleton's expected due date, a host of different planets will be traveling across the sky.

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will be in Cancer, the same as the baby's Sun sign, which is very fortunate, Miller noted.

"It's been twelve years since Jupiter's visited Cancer, as it takes Jupiter twelve years to circle the sun. No doubt about it, this is such a fortunate time," she said.

Mars, the planet of action and energy, goes into Cancer for the first time in two years on July 14, according to Miller's ephemersis, which means the baby would be a bundle of energy and confidence. Mars in one's sign denotes leadership.

"Mars hasn't been in Cancer in two years. It will stay [in Cancer through Aug. 27]," Miller said. "This child will have a lot of energy and leadership qualities."

With Saturn, the planet of self-discipline and longevity, in Scorpio in mid-July, a water sign like Cancer, a prudent newborn is in the cards.

"Saturn makes you slow down and think," Miller said, "so they won't have a reckless little baby here. I don't think it's a party baby. I think this baby is more like his or her parents."

Another factor to consider is Cancer's ruling planet: the moon. The female planet, which governs the sign, tends to make Cancers more emotional, maternal and nurturing people. It also speaks to the influence of the mother, in this case, Capricorn Kate.

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Middleton's and William's signs -- Capricorn and Cancer -- are exact opposites, but complement each other perfectly, astrologically speaking, according to Miller.

"This baby is going to get along so well because the baby's mother is a Capricorn and he's Cancer," Miller said. "Father and mother make a beautiful pairing."

Once the baby arrives, the astrological puzzle can be more thoroughly pieced together (rising sign, moons and more) and even more can be gleaned about the child's personality, how he or she relates to parents and others.

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If this baby is born after July 22, he or she will be a Leo, a sign that draws strength and authority from its ruling sign, the sun. Traditionally more male in temperament than Cancers, Leos are strong and courageous like the lion icon that represents them, and also quite regal like the rulers of the animal kingdom, Miller said. Leos are also generous, sophisticated and wield power with kindness.

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