San Francisco Home Made Famous by 'Full House' Is Available for Rent

The owners are charging $13,950 a month in rent. Have mercy!

— -- It looks like the "Full House" home in San Francisco is back on the market, and could be yours if you're willing to rent it -- for $13,950 each month, that is.

The Victorian home, shown during the show's theme song "Everywhere You Look," sold for $4 million in July. It's also featured on the show's reboot "Fuller House," and is listed by the same company, Vanguard Properties.

According to the listing, the three-bedroom home, located at 1709 Broderick Street, is available immediately for tenants.

The cost may be steep but think about this: You're buying a piece of pop culture and San Francisco history.

"Originally constructed in 1883 this Charles Lewis Hinkel home is one of the city’s finest examples preserved Italianate, Victorian architecture," according to Vanguard Properties.

It doesn't help that the 2,985-square-foot home, which also features 3.5 bathrooms and a garage, is also one block away from one of the city's most popular streets, Divisadero Street.

Have mercy!