Shannen Doherty's Top 10 Rules for Being 'Badass'

Quotable quips from Shannen Doherty's new book, "Badass."

ByABC News
November 5, 2010, 8:02 AM

Nov. 5, 2010 — -- The erstwhile Brenda Walsh has a mission: to turn you into a badass.

That's assuming that you are a sniveling, self-loathing excuse of a woman, someone who probably wouldn't resonate with the actress who played the biggest, uh, other thing that starts with a "b" on "Beverly Hills, 90210" during the 1990s. But that's not exactly a concern of Shannen Doherty's. Laying out the laws of no-holds-barred existence is, and that's what she does in her newly released memoir/scrapbook/self-help tome, "Badass."

Doherty fans, pick this thing up: beyond the actress' tidbits of advice, there's a feast of personal photos that chronicle her journey from Tennessee tyke to TV star to Hollywood hostess. In addition, the 256-page opus includes recipes (Doherty claims to make a perfect roast chicken), handy charts, (how to tell if you're a badass or a b***h) and lots of rip-out-able, post-on-your-mirror pages with messages to amp up the attitude of even the most meek of specimens ("Badasses aren't born ... they become").

"Badass" also contains plenty of quips that, at times, might seem more appropriate coming out of the mouth of Kenny Powers or Tracy Morgan than a '90s teen queen. Ruminate on 10 of Doherty's most quotable nuggets of advice, below:

(Note: considering the title of Doherty's book, if you're offended by risque language, you probably don't want to read on.)

1. On maintaining a badass level of self confidence: "Have you ever watched a baby crawl around and explore the world? They're totally unreserved and lack self-consciousness. They're not thinking, 'Oh, no, I can't wear this onesie because it makes me look fat.'"

2. On how to score a badass-worthy boyfriend: "Test them. Be frumpy -- go without wearing makeup. Be late. Make them drive through the worst traffic to get to an event that you miss because you forgot the address or left your iPhone at home."

Shannen Doherty says badass inspiration can come at unexpected moments, like while staring at the ocean.