Sharon Osbourne: How The Family's Handling Kelly's Breakup

'The Talk' host also reveals her secret to maintaining her weight.

ByABC News
January 17, 2014, 4:59 PM

Jan. 18, 2014 — -- Sharon Osbourne is taking a very mature, realistic approach to her daughter Kelly breaking off her engagement with Matthew Mosshart.

"He's a great guy, it just fizzled out," Osbourne told ABC News of her daughter's relationship. "They still love and respect each other, just not in love with each other. Why be anything else but respectful of each other? ... It's sad but better now than if you got married."

Kelly Osbourne may be single now, but don't expect her mother to be setting up her daughter anytime soon.

"Oh my God, if I would even suggest that, my daughter would run away," she added. "That's the worst thing that any mom can do."

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Osbourne, 61, spoke to ABC to talk about her success with the Atkins diet over the past year and a half. Osbourne said she has lost weight multiple times in the past, but the problem was always keeping the weight off.

"I've done everything to try and control my eating, yo-yo dieting my entire life," she said. "I've maintained my weight and I've never done that before ... I've Lost 25 pounds!"

In addition to maintaining the Atkins diet, "The Talk" host has a simple workout routine.

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"You have to keep moving," she added. "The best exercise for me is walking, a good brisk walk, whether it's at morning or at night after dinner. That's what I do and I'll go with my husband [Ozzy] and off we go."

Osbourne said next month, Ozzy will officially celebrate one full year clean and sober.

The Osbourne family wouldn't be complete without Jack and his adorable 20-month-old daughter Pearl, who Sharon said her and Ozzy's job is to spoil rotten.

"I think it's your job as a grandparent to [spoil the grandkids]," she said. "We babysit quite a lot and Jack is like 'Mom, this is the bed time, I want her in bed at this time.' [But] If she doesn't settle after one minute, I'm in there picking her up and she's back on my knee again. What goes on in Nana's house stays in Nana's house."