Co-Stars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin Are in Perfect Harmony

Hint: Boyfriend and co-star Skylar Astin has something to do with it.

— -- Anna Camp is glad to be back. The actress has not only reprised her role as Sarah Newlin on the final season of "True Blood," but also reunited with the cast of "Pitch Perfect" in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to film the sequel of the comedy.

For Camp, the set should feel especially cozy this time around. After splitting with husband Michael Moseley in 2013, the Barden Bella is now dating co-star Skylar Astin.

Because the duo, who recently celebrated their anniversary as a couple, does not appear together on screen in the movie, Camp told ABC News that she and Astin never filmed scenes on the same day.

"It was actually really great," she said. "We weren't really on set with each other unless I came to visit him on a day that he was shooting or he came to visit me on days when I was shooting."

The separate schedules meant that Camp got to play an unlikely role: a fan.

"I was there as 'the girlfriend' supporting him and making sure he was good and he was there supporting me," she said. "It was like I was just dating, you know, a [guy] who happened to be in a movie."

Still, Camp is plenty aware of the camera. While she admits she "definitely [has] a sweet tooth," she does her best to resist temptation on set.

"You want to feel good," she said. "I don’t deny myself too much, but I have learned over the years what I can and cannot eat."

Fortunately, Camp has found a "responsibly indulgent" loophole. The actress recently partnered with Skinny Cow to promote its figure-friendly treats and celebrate the brand's "Girls Gone Glamping" campaign, which will send nine women and their girlfriends on an glamorous camping trip to the Resort at Paws Up in Montana.

Although Camp has fond memories of her own camping experiences, she claims she has no plans to get away in the immediate future. For now, she's staying put and spending quality time with Astin.

"He’s my best friend," she gushed. "It’s hard to date other actors. This just works out really, really well."