Stars Celebrate Dakota Pipeline Protesters' Victory

Stars cheer decision by Army to deny an easement for Dakota Access Pipeline.

"soooo how many #NoDAPL babies you think are going to be made tonight?!" she posted on Twitter.

She also posted a video on Facebook Sunday night, writing, "ARMY CORPS!!!!! WATER PROTECTORS!!! MAHALO!!!!.

"This is a huge moment," Woodley said in the video. "It's a good day. It's not the end. It's the beginning."

In an Instagram video, Ruffalo thanked "dear President Obama" and the Army Corps of Engineers and said the U.S. should become a "leader in renewable energy" and learn from indigenous people how to live sustainably on the Earth without doing harm to the environment.

He also posted a picture, which he captioned "rebirth of a nation."

Check out these other celebrity reactions: