Lizzie Grubman's Mom Dies

Yvette Grubman, mother of an embattled New York publicist, died of ovarian cancer Wednesday. She was 58.

Grubman, already suffering from multiple sclerosis, was admitted to New York University Medical Center July 8 — one day after her 30-year-old daughter, Lizzie, backed her father's sport utility vehicle into a group of people at Conscience Point Inn, a trendy Southampton, Long Island nightclub.

The incident gained nationwide attention, leading to several civil lawsuits and criminal charges against Grubman's daughter.

Born in Brooklyn, Grubman graduated from Brooklyn College and became a teacher. Her husband, Allen, also a teacher, went on to become a successful entertainment lawyer, and Grubman left teaching to raise her two daughters. The couple divorced in 1988.

A funeral is scheduled for today.