Big Controversy on 'Big Brother 2'

ByABC News
July 12, 2001, 5:38 AM

July 12 -- CBS had been hoping its new edition of Big Brother would be a little spicier.

Now that they have it, they may not want it.

One of the contestants Justin, a tough-talking bartender from New Jersey was axed from the show on Wednesday when during the taping he pulled a knife on one of his housemates, and held it to her throat.

"He showed his rather bizarre sense of humor by taking a knife to one of the other houseguests' neck while kissing her, by the way and saying, 'How would it be if I killed you?'" executive producer Arnold Shapiro told ABCNEWS.

In Big Brother 2, 12 contestants all strangers share a home on a CBS backlot equipped with hidden cameras throughout. Each week, the housemates vote one person off. The last person inside wins $500,000.

For a monthly fee of $19.95, voyeurs can watch live video feeds any time on the show's Web site, or tune in to the thrice-weekly TV broadcast for highlights.

'Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?'

In the controversial scene, Justin was kissing fellow contestant Krista in what appeared to be the kitchen when he reached into a drawer and pulled out a knife.

"I'm going to slash your throat," he said. "Would you get mad if I killed you?"

"No, but I want some water," she answered.

"No, seriously, would you get mad if I killed you?"

The two began kissing again. But the moment was interrupted when producers spoke through an intercom, ordering Justin into a private room for a chat with a psychologist. He was then shown the door.

Crossing the Line

Shapiro said Justin "crossed the line of tolerable and acceptable behavior."

"As much as we like Justin, we had no choice but to expel him."

But Wednesday's incident was not the first in which Justin needed a talking-to. Shapiro said Justin had been warned after he threatened to beat another housemate, Kent, during a dispute over a pillow.

"Justin was playing the game well, but he has this sense of humor which has in it an ingredient of intimidation, physical intimidation and threats sometimes," explained Shapiro. "And even though he was warned that that is unacceptable behavior in the Big Brother house, it came out again, for the last time."