Chart Watch: DMB, Aerosmith, Eve

Q: With last week's sales calibrated, two more albums have now sold more than a million copies in the year 2001, bringing the total up to five. Beyond Shaggy, The Beatles, and the Save the Last Dance soundtrack, we can now add the Dave Matthews Band's Everyday and one other. Can you name it?

TOP 10: Not surprisingly, the aforementioned Dave Matthews Band's Everyday holds on to the top spot, selling another 280,000 copies, while Just Push Play, the new one from Aerosmith, comes in at No. 2 in its first week on the shelves, with sales of more than 240,000.

At No. 3, Shaggy sells another 235,000 copies of Hot Shot, followed by Eve's Scorpion, which sells 161,000 in its debut. DJ Clue's The Professional — Part 2 drops two spots to No. 5, selling 129,000, while Dido's No Angel comes in at No. 6, selling another 113,000.

The Beatles' 1 sells almost 83,000 at No. 7, while Lenny Kravitz's Greatest Hits set sells another 80,000 at No. 8. At No. 9 is Project Pat's Mista Don't Play, which sells another 74,000, followed by Ja Rule's Rule 3:36, which sells yet another 73,000 copies at No. 10.

NOTABLE DEBUTS: Outside the Top 10, Koffee Brown's Mars/Venus bows the highest, selling 43,000 copies at No. 32. Oleader's Unwind comes in at No. 94, selling 14,000, while Delbert McClinton sells almost 13,000 copies of Nothing Personal at No. 103, and Alien Ant Farm's ANThology comes in at No. 105. Farther down, Big Dumb Face, the side project from Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland, sells less than 6,000 copies of Duke Lion Fights the Terror at No. 194.

TOP 10 CONTENDERS: Lifehouse's No Name Face jumps 10 spots to No. 19, selling almost 57,000, while Musiq's Aijuswanaseing moves up four notches to No. 26 with sales of 54,000. And Uncle Kracker continues his long climb at No. 57, selling another 27,000 copies of Double Wide.

TOP 10 PRETENDERS: Two albums that came close, but probably won't make the Top 10: the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack and Jill Scott's Who Is Jill Scott?

BOTTOM FEEDING: This week's No. 200: the Deftones' White Pony, which sells 5,698 copies to earn the distinction. Interesting note: White Pony was one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2000, and many experts expected it to catapult the band to the top of the rock-rap game. To date, however, it has yet to sell a million copies in the United States.

A: The answer, of course, is Dido's No Angel, which has sold 1,008,134 copies so far this year.