Connery as Austin Powers' Pop?

ByABC News
December 27, 2000, 1:42 PM

December 26 -- Sean Connery's already played pop to Indiana Jones, so why not play the father of another big-screen icon

According to New York Daily News columnists Rush & Molloy, Mike Myers and director Jay Roach want to snag Connery for the next installment of the swinging spy spoof as none other than Austin's dear old dad.

After all, if Connery hadn't so effectively raised that eyebrow, swilled those martinis, and bedded those babes in his James Bond days, we'd never have Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, would we?

The third Austin Powers film will be a prequel set in the 1950s, when Austin and Dr. Evil are rival classmates. Austin, groovy cat that he is, creates the British fashion and music invasion of the '60s, with Dr. Evil going green with envy.

Connery's presence isn't necessarily Myers' for the asking, however. The still-virile Scottish actor is getting modest Oscar buzz for his current turn in Finding Forrester and may think twice before joining a cartoony venture anything like that box-office dud The Avengers. Then again, an Austin Powers film isn't exactly a financial gamble.

Reportedly up next for Myers is a turn as Inspector Clouseau in a new Pink Panther film.