Manson and Moby Spar

Dec. 4, 2000 -- Can't these rock stars just get along?

Marilyn Manson lashed out at dance-floor whiz Moby in a press release, deriding the DJ as a "TV-commercial sound tracker." The harsh words add the pair to a long list of feuding stars, including rappers Eminem vs. Everlast and rockers Fred Durst vs. Scott Stapp. The latest high-profile spat began with an article run in the New York Post last week about Marilyn Manson’s Nov. 25 concert at the Roseland Ballroom, in which drummer Ginger Fish broke his collarbone in the show’s destructive finale.

Old Quote RehashedThe Post article quoted Moby as saying, “It was disgusting. I’m waiting to see if the police want witnesses. That kind of violence is totally unnecessary onstage.”

The press release, fired off from Nothing Records and parent company Interscope on Friday, labeled Moby as a “self-appointed spokesperson.”

“On my stage that kind of violence is completely necessary,” Manson said in the statement. “It’s just unfortunate that Moby wasn’t injured.”

Manson would have had to hurl the drum kit a long way to injure the techno-rocker, who wasn’t even at the show. The quote was actually several years old, after Moby witnessed a 1996 Manson show that was cut short when Ginger Fish (né Kenny Wilson) was knocked out by a flying mic stand.

The embattled drummer — who, amazingly, returned to his kit several days after the latest fracture — is apparently loyal to his band, despite the rough stuff. Manson said, “My drummer has offered to beat [Moby] with his good arm.”

While venom brews on this side of the Atlantic, one of the longest standing British feuds has apparently reached a settlement. Pop singer Robbie Williams told U.K. tabloid The Sun that he had made peace with Oasis singer Liam Gallagher.

“We’ve patched up our differences,” Williams said Saturday. “I don’t really want to go into it, but we’ve had a chat and come to the conclusion it had got really silly.”

Silly? Just another day in the life of a rock star.