Duchovny Snubs Lucas

ByABC News
October 11, 2000, 2:40 PM

October 10 -- Most actors would give their eyeteeth to be part of George Lucas' Star Wars series, but not David Duchovny.

The laid-back X-Files star let it slip during a French Internet chat last week that he'd been approached by Lucas to take a part in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode III.

"I'm a fan of Star Wars," he said, according to Empire Online, "but I'm not sure of having the time to act in it. I've got tons of projects in production after the X-Files series."

One of those projects is, coincidentally enough, another sci-fi flick. Duchovny's confirmed that he'll star in the alien-hunting comedy Evolution for DreamWorks.

"I play a professor who is charged with saving the world from aggressive aliens," he said during the same chat session. He explained that the role of an alien hunter is not just a Fox Mulder variation, but a chance to "transition away from the X-Files towards other roles."

He also took the time to quash the idea that he might return to TV in another series at some point, saying, "I think it will be difficult to do another series since people will always remember my work in The X-Files. I think it's the best time to turn the page and do something else."

But then again, he's also said in the past that he was done with The X-Files for good. He's half-right: He appears in only half of this season's episodes.