Did Julia Roberts Dump Benjamin Bratt?

ByABC News
August 1, 2000, 10:49 AM

Aug. 1 -- Has Julia Roberts whos been known to love em and leave em before dumped beau Benjamin Bratt?

New York magazine reports that Roberts is giving the former Law & Order star the cold shoulder and that he hasnt been to see her once on the set of her latest film, The Mexican, which is shooting in, you guessed it, Mexico, though Bratt was relatively nearby, shooting Miss Congeniality in Texas.

A source tells the magazines Intelligencer column, At this point, they havent seen each other in months. Its not necessarily over, but its certainly hit a crisis point.

Encounter With Old Flame

No one will ever let the Runaway Bride star forget her former jiltin ways she famously threw over fiancé Kiefer Sutherland for Rush star Jason Patric and look with whom shes been spotted again. Yep, Julia and Jason were just photographed by the Star tabloid hugging in a Los Angeles park, with Patric giving her a full kiss on the lips when they parted. Heck, thats just Hollywood-style friendliness, right?

A spokeswoman for Patric says, The only woman in Jasons life is Christy Turlington, his supermodel girlfriend of many years.

Julias rep insists that her client and Bratt are still together and very happy, and also says that stories of a breakup are absolutely untrue. Bratts rep has refused to comment.

However, a source tells MSNBC columnist Jeannette Walls that this time its not Julia whos having trouble committing. Says the insider, Julia wants to get married. Benjamin isnt as committed to the relationship. He wants to spend more time with his family in California.