Spice Girls Working on New Album

After branching out with their own solo careers, the Spice Girls are back together again with a new album due out in November.

The Spice Girls, Britain’s biggest pop phenomenon since The Beatles, have sold 36 million copies of their first two albums around the world and are now set to launch another assault on the international pop charts.

“We have two more weeks in the studio. We are shooting a video and then it will be all done and dusted. It will be out in November,” “Sporty Spice” Melanie Chisholm said.

Chisholm has been reveling in the success of her solo career and was in Brussels to accept a Platinum Award for her album “Never Be The Same Again,” which sold more than a million copies across Europe and topped the charts in seven countries.

As the first Spice Girl to win a solo award, the singer with a tattoo on each arm proudly accepted it from veteran rock star Phil Collins who quipped: “Now Mel C will be able to afford a few more tattoos.”

Stronger Than Ever?

Asked if the feisty quartet were stronger after being apart to concentrate on their solo careers, she said “Yes, hopefully.”

Anyway, she felt as though they had never been away as they had known each other for so long and kept constantly in touch.

But have they yet decided on a single from the album that will herald the relaunch of the Spice Girls?

“That is up for discussion,” she said at the glitzy awards ceremony, pausing to sign autographs on the red carpet entrance to the auditorium.

The Spice Girls have seldom been off the front pages of the British tabloids which cover their every move, especially the life and times of “Posh Spice” Victoria Adams and her soccer star husband David Beckham.

Countless pop columns recount tales of the alleged rivalry between the quartet and “Ginger Spice” Geri Halliwell, who left the group to start up permanently as a solo artist.

Struggle for No.1

Geri going head-to-head with Mel C in a battle for the number one slot in the pop charts provided perfect publicity material.

The resilient Mel C has taken a few knocks from the fans — a Smash Hits teenage magazine poll picked her for worst dressed person of 1999, worst video and most disastrous haircut of the year.

Mel C’s live singing at the awards ceremony won plaudits from record company executives and she herself reflected on how differently fans react to the Spice Girls around the world.

“In Spain, Italy and France, they are very passionate. In Scandinavia they are a bit more reserved. The English are reserved. But the Americans are a whole different ball game,” she said.