'Wonder Woman': Everything you need to know before seeing the film

Who are Chris Pine, the Amazonians and more.

— -- The DC film universe is not as extensive (yet!) as Marvel's cinematic counterpart, but there are still some key elements you should know from past films and the comic books before seeing "Wonder Woman."

Here's what you need to know:

Her weapons - We all know about the lasso of truth, which is the gold lasso she uses to get anyone to tell her what she wants to know. She also showed off her bracelets of victory in "Dawn of Justice," which can repel bullets and even create a powerful shock wave if she brings them together. But that's not all. She also utilizes the sword of Athena in the books and looks to have a similar sword here, which is an ancient artifact of her people. In the books, she also has an invisible plane, but we have yet to see that on screen. Or have we and just didn't recognize it?

The Amazonians - Robin Wright plays Antiope and Connie Nielsen, Hippolyta, two of her protectors and mentors growing up. In the books, Hippolyta is Prince's mother. Antiope is more of a fierce warrior and someone who molds Prince into the hero she turns out to be.

Her return to mankind - After leaving mankind in her past, she returned to the fold in "Dawn of Justice," when she saw Doomsday causing havoc. After seeing Superman's sacrifice, she joins Batman. In "Justice League," which hits theaters in November, she and Bats will recruit Aquaman, the Flash and Cyborg to fight an evil the world has never known! (That sounded scary, right?) Superman will return, we just don't know how yet.

"Wonder Woman" is out nationwide in theaters today!