What Went Wrong With Brittany Murphy?

Was it drugs, anorexia or her "shady" husband that led to her death at 32?

ByABC News
December 21, 2009, 5:48 PM

Dec. 22, 2009— -- Two days after Brittany Murphy's shocking death of a heart attack, many are searching for clues as to what went wrong with the "Clueless" star.

On Monday, the coroner completed an autopsy of the 32-year-old actress who suffered cardiac arrest at her Hollywood home on Sunday and was pronounced dead on arrival at 10:04 a.m. at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Los Angeles County Chief Coroner Ed Winter told ABCNews.com that it will be four to six weeks before laboratory results are in and the official cause of death can be determined.

In the meantime, family, friends and the Hollywood community are trying to make sense of Murphy's life cut short.

"My world was destroyed," Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack told "Access Hollywood," on Monday.

Monjack confirmed reports from the coroner's office that his wife had flu like symptoms in the days before her death, but said it was nothing serious.

"She had laryngitis," and had seen a doctor, he told Access Hollywood. "She had been tired at the end of the year. She had made a couple movies."

But when Murphy did not come out of the bathroom after about half an hour on Sunday morning, her mother went to check on her.

"[Her mother] Sharon went into the bathroom because she had been in there a long time. Her mom screamed for me and I ran. Then called 911," he told "Access Hollywood."

"When someone dies like this it comes at you like a ton of bricks," Murphy's older half brother Jeff Bertolotti told ABCNews.com on Monday. "All of her brothers and sisters are devastated."

Murphy had another half brother Tony Bertolotti, who was older, and a half sister Pia Bertolotti, who was two years younger. Their father, Angelo Bertolotti, was married to Murphy's mother, Sharon Murphy. The couple split when Murphy was two and she went to live with her mother in Edison, N.J., and later Los Angeles, when Murphy decided to pursue a career in acting.

She got her breakout role in the film "Clueless" when she was 17. "8 Mile" with Eminem, "Girl Interrupted" with Angelina Jolie and "Just Married" with Ashton Kutcher established her as a young Hollywood star.

"I saw a kid who was working far too hard," Jeff Bertolotti said. "But she really was finding her true voice in the last two years or so. [Hollywood] really takes people in and spits them out."

"Clueless" director Amy Heckerling echoed Bertolotti's comments in an interview for a Los Angeles Times blog on Sunday.

"Everybody's shaking their heads and going 'drugs,' of course. I don't know what was happening on the last movie. I know that, you know, she seemed to go through a change ... on 'Clueless,'" Heckerling said.

"Maybe she felt like she was not the, like, skinny, pretty girl, you know? And then the next few movies she was, you know, thinner, blonde ... and going out with Eminem and Ashton Kutcher, and, you know, suddenly got more into that whole glamorous scene," she said. "I think she felt the pressure to become a different sort of commodity to survive in show business, and I think it was awful."