The Ultimate Movie-Themed Oscar Party Menu

These recipes are inspired by the Oscar's best film nominees.

Feb. 21, 2012— -- intro: With the Oscars approaching this Sunday, we've selected nine of our favorite recipes that honor the Best Picture nominees. From "Midnight in Paris" to "The Artist," you'll love these easy recipes that will be a hit with your Oscar party guests!

quicklist:1 category: 'The Help' title: Pumpkin Sage Grits url: 14906999 text: "The Help"'s dish of pumpkin sage grits gives a nod to the south, where the film takes place. Adding nutmeg and pumpkin to the grits makes them extra delicious. media: 14915611 related: 14740098~7278950

quicklist:1 category: 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' title: Gluten-Free Pepperoni Pizza url: 11524131 text: This film, which takes place in New York, is perfectly matched with a good slice of pepperoni pizza. This can be made with a regular pizza crust or a gluten-free pizza crust. media: 15756469 related: 9044786

quicklist:1 category: 'Hugo' title: Julia Child's Salade Nicoise url: 8255829 text: This story, which is set in Paris, is complemented by one of Julia Child's classic recipes. This salad is a light addition to this meat-centered menu. media: 15756402 related: 8256174~8256039

quicklist:1 category: 'War Horse' title: Chicken in the Pot url: 15233640 text: Make Emeril's chicken dish in honor of "War Horse"'s Oscar nomination. This rustic one pot dish is simple and full of flavor. media: 15239128 related: 15388020~15000629

quicklist:1 category: 'Moneyball' title: Marc Murphy's World Famous Ditch Plains Ditch Dogs url: 14341209 text: This movie, set almost entirely in a baseball stadium, wouldn't be properly represented without a good-old-fashioned hot dog. These hot dogs are topped with macaroni and cheese for an indulgent treat. media: 14355184 related: 7189952~7172794

quicklist:1 category: 'The Tree of Life' title: Elizabeth Karmel's Texas Hill Country Brisket url: 10870691 text: A Texas country brisket is the perfect way to honor this movie, set in Texas. Beer and a spice rub give this recipe extra Texas flair. media: 15756379 related: 7655208

quicklist:1 category: 'The Artist' title: Black and White Cookies url: 15136441 text: This black and white film is honored with a black and white cookie. Make them in mini size for a delicious bite-sized dessert. media: 15137560 related: 7128491

quicklist:1 category: 'Midnight in Paris' title: Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon url: 8222804 text: Set in Paris in the 1920s, this movie is honored by Julia Child's classic beef bourguignon. Your guests will love the smell of this stew as it wafts through the kitchen. media: 15248057 related:8222583~7113750

quicklist:1 category: 'The Descendants' title: Tomatoes Stuffed with Hawaiian Chicken Salad url: 11444431 text: Complement the tropical setting of the film with these tomatoes stuffed with a Hawaiian chicken salad. Choose smaller tomatoes to turn this into a bite-sized appetizer. media: 15756457 related: 13539959~9339706