'American Idol' auditions conclude with former contestant’s stunning return

Get the full recap and who got golden tickets.

Here’s some of Sunday’s highlights:

Caitlin Lucia is a waitress from Orange County, California, and a big Katy Perry fan. Her unique spin on ”I Kissed a Girl” was a gutsy move that paid off with Perry admitting Caitlin did a better job on it than she did. Perry also believed Lucia had “a bigger motor” than she was showing them and she and the other judges wanted a chance to see it in Hollywood. Lucia got three “yes” votes from the judges and a golden ticket.

The panel also fell in love with Carly Moffa, whose quirky personality impressed them as much as her voice. Moffa performed an original tune, “I’d Let the Lion Out,” dedicated to her mother, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Richie declared Carly gave them “the whole package,” praising her vocal style and personality. Bryan said the singer had a “quirky, crazy, awesome personality.” Perry thought Carly had a “big, beautiful, folky-type” voice, reminiscent of Florence + the Machine’s Florence Welch. Moffa earned a unanimous “yes” from the judges and a ticket to Hollywood.

Brielle Rathbun, an 18-year-old choreographer from New Jersey, has no trouble finding an audience for her music -- she’s one of five biological kids and four adopted children, all raised by their divorced father.

After giving Bryan a lesson on hip-thrusting, at Perry’s request, Brielle broke into “Gravity” by Sarah Bareilles, a performance that had Richie marveling at the teen’s control. Bryan agreed, adding Brielle was just singing and feeling the music. “When it looks natural,” he said, "that’s good stuff for us.” Added Perry, “You have this smoky, raspy voice that still has power.” Rathbun emerged from the audition with a golden ticket and a trip to Hollywood.

Jurnee is an 18-year-old from Denver who said she realized in high school that she was gay, joking that she's been “rainbows -- pun intended -- ever since.” She’s now married to a soldier in the United States Army. Her version of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” had Katy declaring she sounded like “a little bird” who sings “so effortlessly.” Lionel also praised her vocal command. “Jurnee has arrived," said Lionel as he announced she was going to Hollywood.

Ada Vox -- formerly known as Adam, a “chubby little Latino boy” who auditioned in season 12 at the age of 19 and made it to the top 50 before he was eliminated -- had a rocky road in between his last audition and this one, hearing from 'Idol' viewers who attacked his weight and sexuality. Now, a waiter by day and “professional part-time woman” at night, Ada, in full drag, belted out the classic “House of the Rising Sun.” Afterwards, Lionel exclaimed that she offered “a clear understanding of who you are” and “an amazing amount of talent.”

'American Idol's' Hollywood week begins Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.