Blink-182 releases emotional music video for new song 'ONE MORE TIME'

The band released two new songs Thursday.

Blink-182 releases emotional music video for new song 'ONE MORE TIME'
September 21, 2023, 11:32 AM

Blink-182 has premiered two new songs off their upcoming comeback album, "ONE MORE TIME...."

In addition to the record's previously teased title track, the trio has also dropped the "ONE MORE TIME..." cut "MORE THAN YOU KNOW."

"ONE MORE TIME..." marks Blink's first album with Tom DeLonge, who'd been absent from the group from 2015 to 2022, in over 10 years.

That seems to be reflected in the lyrics of the emotional new song "ONE MORE TIME," which begins, "Strangers / From strangers into brothers / From brothers into strangers once again."

Meanwhile, the chorus of "ONE MORE TIME" goes, "Do I have to die to hear you miss me?" -- a possible reference to Mark Hoppus' 2021 cancer battle, which led to the reunion with DeLonge.

The lyric, "I miss you" is also repeated throughout, which, of course, is the name of another Blink-182 song.

"I wish they told us / It shouldn't take a sickness / Or airplanes falling out the sky," Hoppus sings on the new song.

Both songs are available now via digital outlets, while "ONE MORE TIME" is accompanied by a video featuring references to past Blink clips, streaming now on YouTube.

The album "ONE MORE TIME..." will be released Oct. 20. It also includes the single "EDGING," which was released October 2022 alongside news of DeLonge's return.

Watch the official "ONE MORE TIME" music video here.