Chloe Bailey releases new song, 'Pray It Away,' and its accompanying video

Her debut album will be released in March.

BySweenie Saint-Vil via logo
January 27, 2023, 3:02 PM

Chlöe Bailey has released a new single, "Pray It Away," from her upcoming debut album.

The new song finds the singer turning to church and prayer to get rid of the pain from dealing with the wrong guy.

The accompanying video, directed by Madeline Kate Kann, sees Bailey following through with her intentions, as she prays and performs liturgical dance in a historic church in downtown Los Angeles.

"Pray It Away" will appear on her upcoming album, "In Pieces."

"I have been the rawest, the most vulnerable, and the most open I have been in my entire life with this album," Bailey said in a statement about the upcoming project.

"I used to believe the way I love so hard without question, was a curse," her statement continued. "Only to find out, it's been my greatest gift all along."

"In Pieces" is set to drop sometime in March.

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