Jennifer Lopez releases music video with her 10-year-old daughter

The video is for the song "Limitless," from her movie "Second Act."

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez just released her new music video for “Limitless,” a song featured in her upcoming film "Second Act."

This is the 49-year-old's first time directing a music video and she enlisted a special guest to star alongside her in it: her 10-year-old daughter, Emme.

In the video for the song, which is about female empowerment, the mother-daughter duo climbs mountains meant to reflect the battles women face.

"She did it and she did not give up," Lopez said about Emme's appearance during a recent visit to "Good Morning America."

"[She] is my favorite thing about the video," she added.

"Limitless" features lyrics like, "I am a woman who roars. Nobody opened my doors. Yeah, I am a woman saying I want more. So give me what I'm asking for."

Lopez explained her inspiration for the song and the music video in a behind-the-scenes miniseries.

"The minute you're born a woman, we know it's an uphill battle. You're fighting the elements," the singer said in the clip.

"Emme really is representing that inner child. She's not a separate character from me," Lopez added about the concept.

She also explained how meaningful the video was during a recent appearance on “Popcorn With Peter Travers.”

“[It was] amazing, so much fun, but also terrifying. And then I had my daughter in it, which made me even more terrified," she said. "But [it] was amazing. Isn’t that how it goes? Life is terrifying and amazing, terrify-zing.”

In response to a fan shouting out their favorite mother-daughter moment of the video, Lopez wrote a sweet message to Emme.

"I'm proud of you and I love you #Emme," she wrote.

In "Second Act," Lopez plays a women who loses her job and attempts to set out on a new path to reinvent herself.

It hits theaters Dec. 21.