Why Katy Perry isn't buying Christmas gifts for her family

The singer's family celebrates together in a very special way.

Katy Perry says in her family, grown-ups get a very special Christmas gift: permission to eat whatever they want.

"The adults don’t get gifts because we go on vacation. That is best gift," she told People. "We go on vacation and we eat, we stop the diets. We definitely binge and we go somewhere every year ...This year we’re going somewhere in the snow, so we get to change it up and maybe go snowboarding and skiing. I’m a snowboarder."

Perry says one of the things they eat is "Christmas porridge" -- as part of a holiday tradition introduced to their family by her Danish brother-in-law.

"It’s like this game where everybody gets this Christmas porridge and you have to find the one almond [in it]," she explains. "If you find it, you get the gift."

She adds, "It’s the one time a year that we are all under the same roof for 10 days, which makes us all feel young and cozy. To be able to call for your mom across the hall -- it’s sweet. We annoy each other and we get along -- we’re just like the typical family."

The 35-year-old singer, who says for now she's happy releasing individual songs and videos, as opposed to an album, says she has some big goals for 2020.

"For my personal self, I really want to streamline my life and create continual balance," she told People. "There’s a lot of wonderful, personal things coming up in the future, which are exciting -- like creating my own idea of family."

Sounds like Perry is referring to marrying her fiance Orlando Bloom, which would make her an instant stepmom to Bloom's young son, Flynn, from his marriage to Miranda Kerr. But so far, the two haven't announced a wedding date.