Kevin Costner on Whitney Houston and his new TV western, 'Yellowstone'

PHOTO: Actor Kevin Costner attends the "Criminal" New York Ppemiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 theater, April 11, 2016, in New York City.PlayMichael Stewart/Getty Images, FILE
WATCH Kevin Costner opens up about Whitney Houston, new show 'Yellowstone'

Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Costner stopped by "Good Morning America" today to dish on his new show, "Yellowstone."

In the series, Costner plays John Dutton, whose family controls the largest ranch in the United States.

"I never start anything that I don't think has a chance to be great and 'Yellowstone' was all of that and so I hope you do check it out," Costner said of the western.

Costner is also celebrating the 25th anniversary of "The Bodyguard" -- the hit drama in which he co-starred with the late Whitney Houston.

Costner opened up about why the movie still resonates with fans today.

"We want that level of security--who cares for us, who loves us, who would stand in front of us, who would stand for us, but the reality is, we have this little songbird, Whitney, who had this big voice that came out of her and it was her first movie...she was so beautiful and I thought, 'well, this is the girl for me,'" he said.

Costner played former secret service agent Frank Farmer in the 1992 film.

"It was a really important moment in her life and her career and we'll always be locked together that way," Costner said.

Costner will also be appearing in a documentary on the late star titled, "Whitney."

PHOTO: Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston appear in a scene from The Bodyguard.Warner Bros.
Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston appear in a scene from "The Bodyguard."

"There's something about Whitney for the worldwide fame that she had...there were times when she didn't think she was pretty enough, she didn't think she was good enough and the rest of us are going, 'Really? Whitney, you have it,'" Costner recalled. "I'm always really careful the things I do say about her simply because sometimes, things are just yours."

"Yellowstone" premieres Wednesday on Paramount Network.