Mariah Carey hits high note while getting COVID-19 vaccine

"Vaccine side effect: G6."

Mariah Carey reacted to getting her first COVID-19 vaccine the only way she knows how: by tapping into her signature whistle register.

On Saturday, the "We Belong Together" singer shared a hilarious video of her bracing for her vaccine, explaining that she felt "excited and nervous" to get the jab. Carey was also unable to look at the needle and even tried to shake off the nerves by posing confidently, but the attending nurse had to force her to relax for the shot.

Once the needle went in, the 52-year-old singer let out a shrill high note, which she noted in the caption, "Vaccine side effect: G6."

However, letting out a super-high note appeared to be Carey's only side effect, as she began clapping and cheering once it was over and done with.

"It's only part one," she sighed, before joking about the fact that she didn't bleed after being poked by the needle.

"See? I've proven my point that I am actually a vampire," Carey giggled, though still opting to have a bright-red Band-Aid stuck over the injection site.

The Grammy winner also expressed why she chose to film herself getting the vaccine, noting that she is "encouraging" her fans to also get the jab because "we're all in this together."

"Hoping for the best," she added.

It should be noted that Carey dressed up for her big event, choosing an all-black ensemble with knee-high black leather stiletto boots.