'Veronica Mars' season four is streaming now, launches one week early on Hulu

Fans can binge season four one week earlier than expected.

July 19, 2019, 5:27 PM

Here’s a plot twist worthy of the show itself: "Veronica Mars" season four is now available on Hulu, one week ahead of schedule.

The show’s star, Kristen Bell, announced the surprise news at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday.

During the "Veronica Mars" panel, Bell declared that she wanted Hulu to release all eight episodes of the revival immediately, in honor of her birthday, which was Thursday.

The panel’s moderator, TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, confirmed to the cheering crowd that Hulu had indeed granted Bell’s birthday wish.

Time to start binging, Marshmallows.

The beloved series originally aired on UPN and The CW from 2004 to 2007. A "Veronica Mars" movie debuted in 2014 after a successful kickstarter campaign. The fourth season was initially set to return on Hulu Friday, July 26.

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