Ms. Monopoly is a new board game celebrating female inventors

Ms. Monopoly will be available to consumers mid September.

A new version of Monopoly celebrating female entrepreneurs is hitting shelves this month.

The board game, titled "Ms. Monopoly," celebrates inventors and aims to invest in inspiring women across the globe.

"Ms. Monopoly marks the first time in the game’s history where a new mascot will grace the cover," Hasbro said in a statement to "Good Morning America." "[A]nd while Mr. Monopoly is a real-estate maven, Ms. Monopoly is an advocate whose mission is to invest in female entrepreneurs."

As for game-play, instead of buying properties, players will purchase things that "wouldn't exist without the innovative women who invented them," says Walmart's website -- one place where the game will be sold.

You'll also get a higher payout at the start of the game and more money when passing "Go."

What's more, players can build a business and collect even more rent, use ride-shares and purchase utilities invented by women.

To celebrate Ms. Monopoly's launch, Hasbro surprised a group of female inventors with $20,580 in actual money to go toward their projects. The amount happens to to be the same total money featured in a typical Monopoly game.

Twitter users had mixed feelings on the game, with some appreciating its message and others upset with how female players will collect more money than male players when passing "Go."

"They’re instilling in young girls that society views them ‘less than,'" one user wrote.

"I'd rather play equally & fairly with all players regardless of gender," another said.

"I'm extremely disappointed that Ms. Monopoly looks like a regular lady in a blazer and not a gilded age heiress," one woman tweeted.

Ms. Monopoly will be available to consumers in mid-September.