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N E W   Y O R K, June 23, 2003 -- Don't just be an angel when you can look like one too. While Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle hasn't hit the big screen yet, it has already influenced the fashions on the street this summer.

As part of Good Morning America's "Monday Morning Makeover" series, the show enlisted Kelli Delaney, US Weekly magazine's fashion director, to help some fashion-challenged ladies to achieve the "angelic" look they deserve.

In the first of her three makeovers, Delaney gave 31-year-old Cloo Jacobs a very feminine look inspired by Lucy Liu's character, Angel Alex Munday.

Jacobs was dressed in a Diane Von Furstenberg pink and while floral skirt ($198), a fushcia Diane Von Furstenberg cashmere tank top ($160), and Jimmy Choo shoes.

The ultra-femine look was completed with a new hairdo by celebrity hairstylist Oscar Blondi.

"Cloo didn't have a lot of style to her hair, so we wanted to give her a sexy layering with some longer bangs," Delaney said.

Delaney says Drew Barrymore, who plays Angel Dylan Sanders in the movie, shows off a mix of tomboy and feminine sex appeal that has encouraged a new casual, fun and sexy look for women who don't like frilly frocks.

Delaney dressed her second "angel," Angela Jones, 30, in a trendy pair of Joie satin cargo pants ($198), and a Diane Von Furstenberg floral top ($165). She topped off the look with a pair of Via Spiga pink sandals ($165).

"The shape of the cargo's might be boyish, but you add the light color and it makes it more feminine," Delaney said.

While Jones is a natural beauty, but Delaney says she wasn't reaching her full angel potential before her makeover.

"Before her hair had very tight natural curl to it, so we wanted to straighten her hair and we put in looser, sexier waves which look fantastic," Delaney said.

"She has a great skin tone. We gave her a lotion bronzer that made her look like she just hit the beach," she said.

For her third angel, 26 year-old Shannon Hodgson, Delaney went full throttle for a look that's hot and hip. "She just wasn't glamorous enough for how pretty she is. She's very natural and gorgeous, but we wanted to doll her up," Delaney said.

Delaney gave Hodgson a look that was modeled after Cameron Diaz's character in the film, Natalie Cook. Hodgson, who is a blonde, just like Diaz, wore a classic triangle top white bikini and a turquiose Juicy terry cloth coverup ($94).

Hodgson's long blond locks were updated with a layered cut that is styled with a flat iron for a look that doesn't make anyone think you've tried too hard.

Each of the three angels say they love their new look and will try to keep it together on their own.

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