Introducing The MomIndex: American Moms Score a C+ and 'GMA' track the quality of moms' lives.

June 21, 2010 — -- How satisfied are America's moms with their quality of life? According to the MomIndex, they give themselves a C+.

The social networking site shared the results of a new index measuring and tracking the quality of mothers' lives on on "Good Morning America" today.

"I became a dad and found out firsthand that moms rule the world," actor and co-founder Andrew Shue said on "Good Morning America" today. "For the first time ever we're going to meaure how their lives are doing. Moms lead our families … driving our values, our education, the economy.", connects more than 6 million mothers and moms-to-be on all aspects of life, providing them a virtual meeting place where they can find each other for conversation and support.

"CafeMom, it really is all about moms serving each other," Shue said. "Moms form their own groups around hundreds and hundreds of topics. It can be moms trying to quit smoking. Moms raising an ADHD kid."

Their MomIndex is based on responses to key questions in five areas of a mom's life: self, kids, relationships, money, and the larger world. Each mom could get a maximum score of 100, which would indicate complete satisfaction.


While the MomIndex is not an official scientific poll, it was conducted with a nationally representative sample of 2,000 moms. The average MomIndex score was 76.5 -- a C+ -- and nine percent of moms scored over 90 percent, representing an "A" grade.

The average score represents "a passing grade," CafeMom executive vice president Laura Fortner said on "GMA." "That's encouraging in some respects, but there's certainly room for improvement there."

Results of the First MomIndex:

In general, moms seem pretty satisfied with family relationships and themselves. But the index found half of moms are not satisfied with their sex lives -- moms on average are having sex one to two times per week. That's not so shocking when you hear how negative many moms feel about their physical appearance.

Only 31 percent agree they are happy with their appearance.

A surprising 45 percent of moms want to lose more than 25 lbs and 36 percent of moms rarely or never exercise.

61 percent of moms surveyed indicate they do not have enough free time for themselves, and only 39 percent agree they feel challenged and able to express their talents.


What is making moms happy are their kids.

"My kids are very good at making me feel good about myself," one mom said. "They are good at giving compliments, especially in my down days they will come up to me and say 'Mommy you're great, Mommy I love you,' and it makes things so much better."

96 percent believe their children are growing up with the right values and 81 percent feel they are spending enough quality time with their children.

CafeMom MomIndex: Moms' Quality of Life


"It was good to see that 85 percent of the moms, if they had to do it all over again, they would pick the same spouse," said Shue.

85 percent of moms report their relationships with husbands or significant others are strong despite limited focused time together.

Connections with friends and neighbors are limited; moms are spending significantly more time connecting with online friends each week.


"Money is the biggest source of anxiety for moms," Fortner said.

Money continues to be the major source of anxiety for moms. One in 5 reported family income has been affected in the past year by job loss.

Nonetheless, 76 percent share a positive outlook that their families' financial situation will be better next year.

World & Government:

Moms are frustrated with the state of the broader world, and remain distrustful of the government and corporations to address their needs.

22 percent believe America is headed in the right direction and 14 percent trust government to help improve their lives.

7 percent agree corporations understand their needs and work to make their lives better and only 6 percent trust the messages in brand advertising.


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