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Stasher: Reusable Bag Sets

Original: $20 to $40 per set

GMA Deal: $10 to $20 per set

50% savings

Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy Stasher(Courtesy Stasher) Courtesy Stasher

Cook it, freeze it and store it with Stasher. These durable, reusable bags can safely go from freezer to stove top, microwave to dishwasher. Stasher bags are great for marinating, meal prep, cooking and storing leftovers. The pinch-press seal is designed to be airtight to keep food fresh and prevent freezer burn. Snack, sandwich and half-gallon size bags available. Each sold in a set of 2. Shipping is $5.95.

govino: Shatterproof Drinkware
Original: $15 to $20
GMA Deal: $7.50 to $10
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy govino(Courtesy govino) Courtesy govino

Shatterproof, reusable, recyclable and made in the USA, govino was created to eliminate single-use plastic and feature an elegant design. All govinos are made with carefully selected polymers, which reflect a wine’s color and projects its aromatics much like fine crystal. Each govino is dishwasher safe, making for easy cleaning. Seven options. Shipping ranges from $5.95 to $11.95 or free for orders over $100.

PB-JIFE: PB Knife & Spreader
Original: $13
GMA Deal: $6.50
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy PB-JIFE(Courtesy PB-JIFE) Courtesy PB-JIFE

The PB-JIFE is the ultimate peanut butter knife, specifically designed to stir, scrape and clean the entire jar. The blade is long for larger jars, strong and wider than a regular knife for easy scooping and spreading. This is designed to get every last bit of peanut butter out of the jar – all while keeping your knuckles clean! Limit 1 unit per order. Shipping is $3.39.

BergHOFF: Trolley Bags
Original: $36
GMA Deal: $18
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy BergHOFF(Courtesy BergHOFF) Courtesy BergHOFF

Make grocery shopping easier with reusable bags from BergHOFF. These four color-coded bags easily fan out and spread across the top of any supermarket cart. This also creates an easy way to organize your groceries by produce, frozen, large items and cans. The top handles make it easy to transfer the bags out of the cart to your car and into your home. Shipping is $7.95.

Get It Right: Silicone Kitchen Tools
Original: $8 to $50
GMA Deal: $4 to $25
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy Get It Right(Courtesy Get It Right) Courtesy Get It Right

Get It Right silicone kitchen accessories are made for the modern kitchen and designed to last. This large assortment includes Get It Right’s new silicone straws and travel cases, plus universal and stretch storage lids, which turn any bowl into a storage container. One features a suction grip, the other stretches over the container edge. The one-piece lid design makes it easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Available in vibrant colors, combining style and function. Shipping is $4.99 or free for orders over $40.

MPOWERD: Solar Lights
Original: $25 to $55
GMA Deal: $12.50 to $27.50
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy MPOWERD(Courtesy MPOWERD) Courtesy MPOWERD

MPOWERD’s solar powered lights provide reliable light without electricity or batteries. Solar, durable, waterproof and lightweight, MPOWERD’s lights work great as nighttime decorations or during power outages. Nine options range from soft white to multi-colored lights. Shipping is $7.95 or free for orders over $65.

Ever Bamboo: Deodorizers & Dehumidifiers
Original: $20
GMA Deal: $10
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy Ever Bamboo(Courtesy Ever Bamboo) Courtesy Ever Bamboo

Ever Bamboo is a simple solution to eliminating tough-to-kick odors. Made of all natural bamboo charcoal, Ever Bamboo’s deodorizers eliminate odors instead of masking them. With proper care, your bamboo charcoal will last up to one year. Options include deodorizers for your room, drawer, closet and shoes. Shipping is $3.50 or free for orders over $20.

Makeup Eraser: Makeup Remover Cloths
Original: $12 to $20
GMA Deal: $5 to $10
50%-58% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy Makeup Eraser(Courtesy Makeup Eraser) Courtesy Makeup Eraser

Keep your makeup removal quick and easy: just wet the Makeup Eraser and put it to work. Reusable and washable, the Makeup Eraser lasts for up to 1,000 washes and eliminates the need to buy disposable wipes to remove your makeup. Mini and original sizes are available. Shipping is $3.95 or free for orders over $50.

Alpyn Beauty: Natural Skincare
Original: $36 to $68
GMA Deal: $18 to $34 + FREE SHIPPING
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy Alpyn Beauty(Courtesy Alpyn Beauty) Courtesy Alpyn Beauty

One of the newest “clean” brands, Alpyn Beauty’s natural skincare line is formulated with wild-crafted and hand-cultivated alpine botanicals grown in the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Its PlantGenius Complex contains some of the hardest working, resilient plants. This assortment of PlantGenius skincare includes Creamy Bubbling Cleanser, Melt Moisturizer, Survival Serum and Line-Filling Eye Balm. Free shipping!

RuMe: Reusable Bags, Totes & Packing Cubes
Original: $10 to $30
GMA Deal: $5 to $15
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy RuMe(Courtesy RuMe) Courtesy RuMe

Ideal for anyone on-the-go, RuMe’s line of reusable bags are lightweight and foldable, allowing for easy storage while out and about. Machine washable and water resistant, this assortment includes the Medium Tote (holds up to 50lbs,) Macro Tote (holds up to 160lbs), Baggie All, Cfold, Garment Travel Organizer and Packing Cubes. Shipping is $4.95 or free for orders over $45.

Nano Towels: 4-Pack of Nano Towels
Original: $25
GMA Deal: $12.50 per 4-pack
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy Nano Towels(Courtesy Nano Towels) Courtesy Nano Towels

Clean virtually any surface using only water – no chemicals needed. Nano Towels use Nanolon fiber to trap liquid, dust, dirt and grime. Use them for dusting, washing countertops, floors, bathrooms, glass and stainless steel. When it becomes dirty, simply wash it prior to your next use. Limit 1 per order. Shipping is $2.99.

Lifefactory: Glass Bottles & Food Storage
Original: $15 to $40
GMA Deal: $7.50 to $20
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy Lifefactory(Courtesy Lifefactory) Courtesy Lifefactory

Made of premium materials, Lifefactory’s glassware is BPA-free, recyclable, cleans easily and preserves taste. This assortment of dishwasher safe bottles, wine glasses and food storage features silicone sleeves for non-slip grips. Shipping is $4.95 or free for orders over $50.

Luxe Brand: Eco Laces
Original: $20
GMA Deal: $10
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy Luxe Brand(Courtesy Luxe Brand) Courtesy Luxe Brand

Sneaker lovers rejoice! Accessorize in style with luxury shoelaces that are kind to the planet. These fashionable laces are made with beautifully soft and cruelty free eco-leather and finished with nickel-plated aglets. Measuring 51” to fit the standard shoe, choose from six colors in durable style. Shipping is $2.95 or free for orders over $40.

The Urban Agriculture Company: Grow Kit Gifting Programs
Original: $58.50
GMA Deal: $29.25 + FREE SHIPPING
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy The Urban Agriculture Company(Courtesy The Urban Agriculture Company) Courtesy The Urban Agriculture Company

Give the gift of growing live plants for all year round. The Urban Agriculture Company’s Grow Kits can be shipped to yourself or to a friend. Each Grow Kit comes with your choice of herbs or flowers that can easily be planted indoors. Each 3-month gifting program includes one plant kit shipped per month, starting with December in time for Christmas. Two options: HERBS three-month set with basil, mint, cilantro or FLOWERS three-month set with sunflower, sweetpea, red poppy. Free shipping!

W&P: The Porter Bowl
Original: $25
GMA Deal: $12.50
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy W&P(Courtesy W&P) Courtesy W&P

W&P’s Porter Bowl is a durable, plastic lunch bowl that features a protective nonslip exterior, rigid plastic lid and snap-tight silicone strap. Great for transporting lunch or leftovers, the Porter Bowl is BPA-free, dishwasher and microwave safe. W&P’s Lunch! Cookbook is also available, which demonstrates how to make 10 weeks of exciting lunches on a budget. Shipping is $7.95.

ALEX AND ANI: The Initial Collection
Original: $28 to $58
GMA Deal: $14 to $29
50% savings
Valid: 11/30/18

Courtesy ALEX AND ANI(Courtesy ALEX AND ANI) Courtesy ALEX AND ANI

ALEX AND ANI’s line of meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry is proudly designed and crafted in America with love. The Initial Collection includes both bangles and necklaces and is designed for you to wear as a representation for yourself or a loved one. Each piece is crafted in ALEX AND ANI’s two-tone finish. Shipping is $1.

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