See how these stylish fathers make 'dad style' look good

Who said "dad style" had to be boring? Not these stylish fathers.

See how these stylish fathers make 'dad style' look good
Courtesy of Devin McGovern
June 14, 2021, 4:05 AM

What comes to mind when you think of "dad style?" Is it a pair of chunky white sneakers, thick pull-up tube socks, plus a belted relaxed-fit pair of creased trousers? The dad cap?

If so, chances are you probably haven't met the stylish guys below.

Take New York City entrepreneur, DJ and investor Brendan Fallis for example. While he's a new dad, the matching father and son looks he's already shared on social media have racked up over 100,000 followers.

There are also many other dapper dads out there that are giving the term "dad style" a whole new meaning.

Just in time for Father's Day, "GMA" has highlighted three stylish dads to follow now.

Devin McGovern

Devin McGovern is a Los Angeles-baed husband, father and television producer with great style.

His wife, Marlene Martinez, often captures amazing daddy-daughter moments of him along with their 2-year-old daughter, Veronica.

"I would define my personal style as a mix between vintage retro and modern rugged," McGovern told "GMA." "It's only evolved a little since being a dad, definitely added more comfort fits."

"My idea of dad style typically involves a nod to vintage, the dads and granddads before me, mixed with a pop of color. Or my timeless favorite — a good 'ole Hawaiian shirt."

McGovern said his favorite part of being a dad is seeing a little of himself in his daughter. "Knowing that she will model what I do means I have to be a good example of a man and a father," he added.

Ahmad Sweeney

Ahmad Sweeney is a Houston-based father, photographer and co-owner of Sweenshots content creation studio along with his wife Shay Sweeney.

His style is cool and laid back and also trendy. Sweeney also sometimes matches the looks of his son Ashton 5, and daughters Aubri, 4, and Averi, 3.

Brendan Fallis

Fallis welcomed his baby boy Preston into the world six months ago along with his wife Hannah Fallis Bronfman.

His personal style is classic with a modern twist, but has slightly evolved since becoming a father, he told "GMA."

"I sometimes find myself trying to match my son, but in general I've added a bit more comfort into my daily outfits since we're more mobile these days."

Fallis said his definition of dad style is that it should remain elevated. "Comfortable options but stylish. Tucking in your shirt is now more than acceptable and so are canvas hats in the 'dad zone,' but both still need to be done in a stylish way."

Waking his son up every day and seeing him smile is one of Fallis' favorite parts of being a father. "Honestly nothing better," he said.