Victoria Osteen: Mother First, Pastor Second

Joel Osteen may be the head of the country's largest church, but he says he is first and foremost a husband and a father, and his co-pastor at work is also his partner at home.

Osteen's wife and co-pastor, Victoria Osteen, is every bit the charismatic leader her husband is.

One fall afternoon, while Joel played football with the couple's children, their home was filled with women -- cousins, sisters, mothers and in-laws.

"We love to just have people over, and I love sports, so we go out and play ball a lot, and it's just -- it's kind of how I grew up. Sundays were a big day, and we'd have our friends and family come over, and we still do it today," Joel said.

Just like in his home, Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston is known for the women in leadership positions. In addition to Victoria, Osteen's mother, Dodie, also plays a visible role.

He says the two strong women influence and teach him every day.

"From both of them -- persistence, determination -- I know I wouldn't be who I am today. I wouldn't be half who I am today without Victoria. I mean, she has pushed me in a good sense and told me I can do things," he said of his wife.

Osteen noted that many churches still don't have women in leadership roles, but his father John was a forerunner in the field, encouraging his wife to get involved in the church.

Continuing his father's example, Osteen encouraged his wife to get involved, too.

"I said, 'Victoria, for this to really grow and to reach all the people we should, you gotta get up here and be a part.' I mean, I looked at her today and I thought, 'Man, she can preach better than me,'" he said.

Just as important as Victoria Osteen's role in the church is her role as mother. She says motherhood is a constant learning experience.

"I try to listen to my children. I try to change with my children. That's something I've really, really worked on because it's easy when they're little to move them from one place to the other. But now my son, he's gonna be 13 years old," she said.

Victoria Osteen said that on the podium she preaches, but at home, she listens

"I'm like OK, let me hear what you're saying, and let me try to understand where you're coming from. And I always teach my children to just -- to tell me what they're thinking. Tell me if you have another perspective on it 'cause I wanna hear your perspective," she said.

Her lessons from life become a mother's ministry and help form a partnership that Osteen says makes the church stronger.

"She'll reach people that I never could reach and, you know, the Scripture even talks about, two are better than one," he said.