American Kennel Club Announces the 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds

See who snagged the "Most Popular Pup" trophy for 2015.

— -- The American Kennel Club has revealed the top five dog breeds in the nation.

"The best barker in the bunch,” DiNardo said. “It’s a true hound dog, will follow his nose wherever he goes…they’re friendly, they get along great with kids, other dogs and they’re easy to groom.”

The No. 4 spot went to the Bulldog and holding down the No. 3 spot was the devoted Golden Retriever.

Second place went to the extremely loyal German Shepherd and the "Most Popular Pup" trophy was awarded to the Labrador Retriever.

“[Labs are] athletic, they’re easy to train,” DiNardo said. “People just love them [and] they’re great with families.”

Labs are the No. 1 dog breed for the 25th consecutive year, according to the AKC.