O.J. Simpson's Ex-Girlfriend Christine Prody Said She Feared for Her Life

Christine Prody tells "GMA" about a relationship filled with abuse, suspicion.

September 15, 2009, 9:20 PM

Sept. 16, 2009— -- Christie Prody was a faithful girlfriend to O.J. Simpson for 13 years, even as her family members questioned why she would date a man who many still believe killed his ex-wife and her friend.

But now Prody said that she often feared for her life during her rocky relationship with the former football star. She says she believes Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in 1994, a belief that's based on comments Simpson made to her during their relationship.

"It took me many years to realize and face that hard, terrible truth," she told "Good Morning America." "Things he's mentioned about Nicole, how she had it coming because of her lifestyle and who she hung out with, mainly Ron Goldman, I guess."

Simpson was acquitted of the murders, but was slapped with a $33.5 million judgment in a wrongful death civil suit.

Prody, 34, also claims Simpson subjected her to constant physical and emotional abuse. She says Simpson threatened to kill her, an accusation he has denied. She said she tried to leave on several occasions.

"If I did he would find me," Prody said. "[The] only place I had to go were to friends of ours. He would come by … threaten, manipulate. I had no choice at that point. I had nowhere to go."

Prody's attorney Gloria Allred told "Good Morning America" that Prody was lucky she got out of the relationship alive.

"He had the power in the relationship. She was dependent on him … her life was literally in danger," he said. "What some women think is love can lead to a life and death situation."

Simpson is currently serving jail time in Nevada for armed robbery and kidnapping but is appealing his case. His lawyer released a statement refuting Prody's claims.

"The only person to get taken out of the house and handcuffed for domestic violence was Christie Prody. The only person who has been to drug rehab is Christie Prody. The facts are just inconsistent with what Christie is saying," Yale Galanter said in a statement.

But Prody refuted that comment.

"The part where I was taken out of the house in handcuffs was absolutely untrue," Prody said. "I've never been arrested for anything like that. But yes, I was in treatment, I checked myself into treatment after a couple years of being depressed and dealing with my depression in a way through substance abuse."

Prody: Nicole Was 'Nonstop Issue' for Simpson

Prody and Simpson met one year after he was acquitted for the murders of Brown Simpson and Goldman. She said she knew of his trial, but didn't know much else, including anything about his football career.

She said she was "very young, very naive, confused."

The Minnesota-born cocktail waitress met Simpson, who is 30 years older than she is, while visiting his Brentwood, Calif., estate, which had become a popular tourist attraction.

Suddenly a man yelled out to her," Hold up girl, what is your hurry?" It was Simpson.

Simpson asked for her phone number and invited her to dinner the next evening, which Simpson's sister prepared for them.

Prody wore black on that date and says Simpson told her that his ex-wife wore black on the night of her murder, which she says she found odd. It was the first of many references to his ex-wife that Prody said continued.

"Just the way I would dress, the way I would wear my hair. Minor things. It was always back about Nicole," she said. "He'd always bring her up. It was a nonstop issue with him."

But Prody said she was impressed by Simpson and initially could not believe he was suspected of murder. Before long, the two fell in love and moved to Florida together.

But the relationship soon turned rocky, and Prody claims Simpson constantly compared her to his deceased ex-wife. She claims he convinced her to get breast implants so she could look more like Nicole, yet would make comments saying "that her lifestyle led her to what happened, basically. That she was asking for it, deserved it. That's what he stated quite often."

"I felt like I had no choice" but to stay with him, Prody said.

Simpson's Ex Reveling in New Life, New Baby

The police were called four times to intervene in the couple's relationship, and Simpson once called 911 from Prody's apartment because he was concerned about her drug use.

"We have a problem here," Simpson said on the 911 recording. "I'm trying to get a girl to rehab. She's been doing drugs for two days with Pedro Guerrero who just got arrested for cocaine."

But Allred said it was Simpson who introduced Prody to drugs.

"I think O.J. Simpson should really think about his life," Allred said. "He's the one that has to take responsibility and be held accountable."

Prody supported Simpson during his trial for armed robbery and kidnapping but said "everything" has changed and she will not stand by him anymore.

"I have a new baby, a new man," she aid. "My life is completely different."

But while Prody said she is worried about her young family's safety if Simpson is released from prison, "now I realize that I don't think he's getting out -- at least I hope he's not."