Snowmobilers Found Cabin Stocked With Food

Rescuers found six snowmobilers Monday after they were trapped in a storm.

Jan. 8, 2008 — -- The six Colorado snowmobilers, who were missing for four days and found safe Monday, stayed alive because they stumbled upon a remote cabin stocked with food.

"We found a grill and popcorn and chicken bouillon and gravy mix," said 36-year-old Jason Groen of Farmington, N.M.

Jason also managed to find a spot Monday morning where his cell phone would work to dial 911.

The two families, who made the trip into the Colorado wilderness to celebrate Aspen Groen's 14th birthday, were trapped after a trecherous snowstorm hit the area. Rescuers had to suspend their search because of avalanche threats.

During a press conference Monday, Shannon Groen said they all had a feeling they'd be rescued that day.

"We got in a circle and we were prayed and we knew today we'd be out, and it was just really wonderful," she said.

The Groens were accompanied by their friends, the Martin family, which included Mike Martin, his wife, Missy, and their son, 13-year-old Jessie.

The two families, riding four snowmobiles, managed to reach the remote and snowbound Osier train station where they dialed 911 and asked for help. They said they were cold but otherwise all right, said Barbara Smith, a spokeswoman for the Conejos County Sheriff's Department.

Now that they're safely back home, Shannon Groen said she was looking forward to see her three youngest children, who stayed behind. "I wanna hug my babies," she said.

She also said she's also looking forward to life's little luxuries, like a shower.

Others Missing

It was the second time in recent weeks that a family beat the odds and survived days in the frigid wilderness.

Just before Christmas, Frederick Dominguez and his three young children got lost in the snowy mountains of California when they went on an annual trek to chop down a Christmas tree. They were found three days later, cold and hungry but otherwise healthy.

The families of two New Mexico skiers are hoping there is one more miracle to happen.

Roommates Kyle Kershen and Michael George also disappeared Friday as they were going down a trail on the ski slopes near Pagosa Springs, Colo. The men also are from New Mexico, according to the AP.

"These are tough boys, but they haven't made it down. So there's something really, really wrong," said George's mother, Laura George.

George holds onto hope that rescue teams will find the two boys later today.

"[I'm] trying to stay strong because I know the boys would want us to. It's tough," she said.

On both sides of the border, rescue teams have helicopters, volunteers and snowmobiles ready to comb through the rugged mountains, but they are of no use until Mother Nature lets up.

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