Ebola Quarantine Ends for Louise Troh With 'Praise to God'

Family of Ebola victim leaves home for first time in 21 days as quarantine ends.

ByABC News
October 20, 2014, 3:15 PM

DALLAS — -- When Louise Troh, the fiancee of Ebola victim Thomas Duncan, emerged from a three week quarantine today she reached both hands up to heaven and said, "Praise to God."

Troh has been in quarantine since Duncan was diagnosed with the disease. She was among 51 who were released from quarantine today.

"Praise to God. I am free. I am so happy… All thanks to God," she said, according to a spokesperson for Troh who spoke to ABC News.

Troh was delighted to no longer be confined, but her pastor said she currently has nowhere to go. Her lease was up on Sept. 30, and she and her family were temporarily staying in a donated apartment for part of the quarantine.

"She doesn't have a permanent residence at this point," said Pastor George Mason of Wilshire Baptist Church. "She's lost everything that she owns in the apartment. She lost the man she loves."

Duncan, the Liberian national who arrived in Dallas in late September to visit family, went to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas with Ebola symptoms on Sept. 26, but was sent home with antibiotics. He returned in an ambulance two days later when his symptoms worsened and was diagnosed with Ebola and placed in isolation.

But he spent more than a week around friends and family, who have been under close observation for the last three weeks amid fears that they, too, contracted the deadly virus. But none of them have shown any Ebola symptoms, officials said. Fifty-one people are no longer under active monitoring, but 116 people are still being monitored for possible Ebola symptoms, according to the health department.

The eight children who were released from Ebola quarantine today were expected to return to school on Tuesday, but four of the children surprised school officials by arriving today, according to a statement from the Dallas Independent School District.

"While we had planned on them coming back to school Tuesday. They were obviously eager to return back to the school environment and decided on their own to attend," said Superintendent Mike Miles. "Because they have been cleared by medical authorities and pose no health risk to any students or staff, we have no intent on sending them home. Their interest in getting back into school is encouraging."

Amber Joy Vinson, and Nina Pham are seen in undated handout photos. Both women are Texas nurses that have tested positive for Ebola.

Duncan died on Oct. 8 at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Two nurses contracted the virus from him, Nina Pham, 26, and Amber Vinson, 29. They are being treated for Ebola at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, and the NIH hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, respectively.

Troh, Duncan's fiance, released a statement last week, announcing that she'd received an apology from the hospital for failing to save him. Although members of her family said he was treated unfairly, she said, "It is my position that God is the judge of others and their actions, and vengeance is not mine to demand. God is the judge, and God will take care of me."

The last people being monitored should Ebola should be out of the 21-day incubation period on Nov. 7, according to the health department.

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