This Is When You Can Expect the Flu Season to End

Although the flu season is unpredictable, we probably have six weeks left.

"So far, it's shaping up to be a bad year for flu, especially for older people and people with underlying conditions," Frieden said in his weekly flu media briefing.

"Hospitalization rates in the over 65 age group are rising sharply," he said, adding that antiviral drugs could keep people out of the hospital.

The CDC also reported an additional five pediatric deaths this week, bringing the national total to 26 since the flu season began about two months ago, according to the latest report. But Frieden said past years have shownthis number tends to be underestimated.

"High" influenza-like illness activity actually has decreased from 29 states to 26 states from last week's report, but the country is above the flu epidemic threshold. Flu activity may be waning in states that had flu activity early, but it's too soon to say for sure whether the season will end early for those states, Frieden said, adding that the flu season is often unpredictable.

"Flu is now widespread is almost the entire country," Frieden said in the weekly briefing. "We still have weeks of flu ahead of us."