Annual baby race in Lithuania has a new winner -- and yes, this race exists

The race started 20 years ago.

Toddlers in Lithuania put their crawling skills to the test as they raced their adorable competition in the capital of Vilnius.

Twenty-five toddlers crawled along the approximately 16.4-foot carpeted track in the annual contest that first took place 20 years ago, according to Reuters.

The participants, aged between 7 months and 1 year, competed as their eager parents tried to lure them to the end using treats, toys and balloons, as seen in video of the event.

While the strategy worked for some, the crowd got the best of others, as the commotion proved to be too distracting.

Only one determined baby could take home the crown: Ignas Dovydaitis, who will celebrate his first birthday in two weeks, according to Reuters.