Bolivia's oldest woman celebrates her 118th birthday

Julia Flores is considered the oldest person in Bolivia and likely in the world.

November 01, 2018, 2:13 PM

Age is just a number –- in this case, a really big number.

The town of Sacaba, Bolivia had a lot to celebrate when its oldest resident turned 118 years old on Oct. 26, according to Reuters. The town’s city hall organized festivities for Julia Flores, known as “Mama Julia” in the community.

Born in 1900 and considered to be the oldest woman in Bolivia and likely in the world, Flores marked the day with cake, music and dancing, according to Reuters. Family, friends and volunteers brought her gifts and took pictures with her.

The Mayor’s office and Flores’ family are working to nominate her for a Guinness World Record to officially recognize her as the oldest person in the world, according to Reuters.

Flores’ vitality was especially clear when she got up to dance with her guests, encouraging them to clap along to the music.

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