Hundreds of Thousands Watch Brits Try to Avoid Stepping in a Puddle

PHOTO: A six-hour video broadcast on Periscope of people trying to cross a puddle in Newcastle, England attracted half a million viewers and captivated the internet.PlayPeriscope/Drummond Central
WATCH 500,000 People Watch Livestream of UK Puddle

There is a massive water puddle in Newcastle, England, and a Periscope video shows people trying to avoid stepping in the puddle. The video has been captivating people on the Internet for hours.

According to Richard Rippon, the social media manager for the marketing agency behind the video, at least half a million viewers tuned in to the six-hour live broadcast.

The live-stream started out as something purely for the enjoyment of those in Drummond Central's office, Rippon told ABC News.

“We were enjoying watching people trying to get across by various means, getting a good laugh out of it and hoping that somebody might fall in at some point," he said. Spoiler alert: no one did.

At one point a passerby -- who had likely been watching the video beforehand —- placed a “Wet Floor” sign in the middle of the puddle. Rippon said someone even brought an air mattress. Another person arrived with a surfboard. And yet another came to hand out pizza to those just trying to keep their feet from getting wet.

The hashtag accompanying the Periscope, #DrummondPuddleWatch, is trending on Twitter and the video has inspired parodies on social media. Someone is selling a bottle of the puddle water on Ebay's UK site. The high bid for the bottle is priced at 66,000 euros.

It’s a lot of attention, Rippon said, for a puddle that forms in the same place nearly every time it rains.