Inside the US Embassy Annex in Libya Overrun by Islamic Militia

Islamic militia gets access to pool, tennis courts and a gym.

U.S. personnel were evacuated from the site more than a month before the Dawn of Libya militia took control of the building this weekend. The offices of the embassy are located in another building.

The Associated Press, which had a reporter tour the compound, reported that the pantry was still stocked with corn flakes, vinegar, salt and pepper, while the weight room had protein bars.

Images and video from the compound's seizure this weekend showed men swimming in the pool and jumping in from a balcony.

The Dawn of Libya commander, Hassan Ali, told the AP that his group chased off rival militia that had been in the compound.

"We entered and put some of our fighters to secure this place and we preserved this place as much as we could," he said.

Another commander said the group had asked cleaners to come spruce up the grounds and that U.S. staff were welcome to reside in the embassy while it was under Dawn of Libya control.