Man injures himself falling into a black hole art installation that doesn't look like a hole at all

What looked like a painting on the floor was actually an 8-foot-deep hole.

A man was recently injured after he was sucked into a black hole on Earth.

The Italian man was browsing through the Serralves contemporary art museum in Porto on Aug. 13 when he fell into an art installation of a hole painted in all black, local newspaper Publico reported.

The 1992 installation, a creation by Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor named "Descent into Limbo," appears to have no depth due to the extremely black paint it is coated in.

In actuality, the piece is 8 feet deep.

The installation was closed for days after the accident, a museum spokesperson told The Art Newspaper.

“What can I say? It is a shame,” the artist said in reaction to the news of the man falling, according to The Guardian.

To view the piece, a small number of visitors enter a cube-shaped structure and encounter the black hole once inside, according to The Guardian.

Inside the installation are signs and museum staff members to warn visitors of the potential hazard, the spokesperson told the London-based publication.

In addition, guests are required to sign a disclaimer acknowledging the safety risk, according to The Guardian.

Last week, the museum told The Art Newspaper that the man, who is about 60 years old, was OK and almost ready to return home.

The museum is currently featuring 56 projects by Kapoor from the past 40 years in an exhibit titled "Anish Kapoor: Works, Thoughts, Experiments."