Nuns in Poland show 'fighting spirit' in boxing video to raise funds for orphanage

The Polish nuns made a video to help them raise funds for orphanage renovations.

WARSAW, Poland -- Bag punching, shadow boxing, skipping rope -- and no brawny boxers in sight, just a gym full of nuns in their habits.

Perhaps not everyone’s picture of life in a Catholic convent, but 10 Polish nuns have made the boxer’s workout part of their strict daily schedule.

“Sport is part of a normal, healthy lifestyle and we need to keep fit,” Sister Cecylia Pytka, told ABC News. “And especially now we need to get into shape before the hard work ahead of us.”

“Some of the work will have to be done by us, so we need to be strong,” Sister Cecylia says.

But no matter how much work they do themselves, the building renovations are still going to be costly.

“We need the equivalent of $100,000 and that’s quite a sum for us poor nuns,” Pytka told ABC News.

Not enough donations were coming in to meet the cost, so the enterprising nuns decided to attract more attention to their cause.

“These days if you need help you need to be noticed first,” Sister Anna Gadzala, another nun from the convent, told ABC News. “The Holy Spirit inspired us to do a video –- and it looks like it’s working. Some money started coming our way! We’re getting more attention than we had hoped for.”

Pytka also thinks the video helps show the nuns' determination.

“We will never throw in the towel! For the sake of our kids, we will fight to the end,” the superior said. “I hope the video we posted shows our determination and fighting spirit.”