Photographer Snaps Incredible Pic of Whale Breaching Just Feet From Boat in Australia

The photographer has only been taking pictures of whales since last year.

July 20, 2016, 7:17 PM

— -- An incredible photo taken by an amateur photographer shows a whale breaching just feet from a boat just off the coast of Sydney, Australia.

John Goodridge, the photographer, told ABC News that he's 52, and has been taking pictures of whales as a hobby since just last year.

He happened to be off of work from his job at Graphic Packaging International on Tuesday and took a tour with a whale-watching agency, which is when he snapped the pic.

“There was that little boat watching another pod of whales that was off to the right," he said. “I was kind of looking to the left of that boat … hoping that something might happen.”

The whale was only a few yards away from the side of the boat when it breached, Goodridge said.

“Probably the closest I’ve seen to a boat since I’ve been watching,” he said.

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