The 'Lesbian Killers' Who Shocked Australia

Australia's infamous "lesbian killers" are destined to spend the next few decades behind bars.

Valerie Page Parashumti, 19, and Jessica Ellen Stasinowsky, 21, known in Australia as the "lesbian killers," have been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 16-year-old Stacey Mitchell in December 2006.

The couple will not be allowed to apply for parole for another 20 to 30 years.

Parashumti and Stasinowsky pleaded guilty in November, and there is no indication that they will appeal the decision. The sentencing took place earlier this month at the court of Perth, in Western Australia.

"They could appeal the sentence," Val Buchanan, spokesperson with the Supreme Court of Perth, told ABC News, but "I have not heard that they have appealed the decision."

"Once you plead guilty, you get a life sentence," added Buchanan.

The case has hit the headlines in Australia and across the world because the murderers displayed exceptional violence and sadism.

Mitchell met the couple after she left her parents' home. She shared a house with Parashumti and Stasinowsky.

The court heard that Stasinowsky grew jealous of Mitchell.

Feeling that she had to prove that Mitchell meant nothing to her, Parashumti — who reportedly drank blood as part of a vampire cult — killed Mitchell.

The day the murder took place, the couple drank with Stacey and made her drink sleeping pills before attacking her in their kitchen.

Parashumti hit Mitchell with a concrete block. Stasinowsky then strangled Mitchell with a belt chain and beat her.

After Mitchell passed out 30 minutes later, the court heard that the couple became sexually aroused and kissed each other.

They filmed the murder scene on their mobile phone, while making fun of Mitchell.

Mitchell's parents alerted police that their daughter had gone missing.

Police found the teenager's body in a garbage bin at the couple's property.

"In Australia, everyone is quite disgusted with them," Todd Cardy, reporter with the Perth Sunday Times, told ABC News. "This has been a very big story."

The Supreme Court called the crime "horrific."

"Your crime is particularly horrifying and a shocking one," Justice Peter Blaxell with the Supreme Court said as he delivered the verdict, "not only because of the young ages of the victims and yourselves, but because of the casual way it was committed, and the lack of any substantial motive."

The court was also appalled by the couple's apparent lack of remorse.

"You have each had more than a year in custody to reflect upon the evilness of your crime, yet you still lack remorse and obviously place no value on the sanctity of human life," Blaxell said.

The judge also told the couple he was shocked by their acknowledging that they had been sexually excited by the murder.

"You also admit to kissing each other as Stacey Mitchell lay dead or dying, and you, Jessica Stasinowsky, have since expressed regret that the sexual passion at the time did not go further."

"It is dreadful to refer to these admissions, but they do reveal the enormity of the evil in what you did," he added.

Mitchell's parents have not talked to the press.

"They declined all interview requests," said Cardy.