US Secretary of State offers Philippine President help with war on drugs, if he changes tactics

Tillerson is said to have offered specific resources to help the Philippines.

According to senior aide R.C. Hammond, Tillerson made a general offer of help, not specific resources. The goal was to offer solutions to Duterte, not just criticism.

"Mr. President, we are all aware of the American people’s criticism of you and your handling of drug cartels," Tillerson told Duterte, in what critics described as a soft, indirect condemnation of the drug policy.

The Philippines has long battled Muslim separatist in its southern region, but most recently they've had to bear back a self-declared ISIS affiliate that seized the city Marawi.

The response was cordial, but noncommittal, according to U.S. officials, who said it is now up to President Duterte to accept or decline.